Our Philosophy

At Kensington Hair and Skin Clinic our goal is to provide a comfortable atmosphere in the professional surroundings, where our clients feel they are the best place to treat they body and mind. We believe in knowledge and precision. Every day we try to bring out the maximum and we can add a bit to our experiences and skills.

We all passionate to our profession this is how we can find motivation every day. We do know the foundations needs to be well built as you can create and personalise if you know the basic rules so we take special care of all of our team members to be highly educated and well trained in their expertise. We try not only listen what our clients would like to achieve, but we try to understand as well their style, personality, lifestyle and then we can add our imaginations and skills to create harmony.

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South Kensington is an elite and relaxed location in the heart of the busy London. Here everyone can find the mood to have “ME Time”.

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Let us introduce our Specialists. We are like a happy family and share our talent and skills to bring out the maximum from all of us.

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Thermo schissors

We continuously looking for the newest innovations around the word in the Hair and Beauty Industry. Have a look and find the perfect treatment for you .

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