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Let us show you around in our home. The Kensington Hair and Skin Clinic is located in the prestigious South Kensington in the heart of London. Even tough it is in the central, it gives a sophisticated, and relaxed feeling despite of the busy lifestyle of the city.

Csaba Karda founded the salon in 2009 and he manages it since then. It started as a small family business and we aim to keep up this atmosphere. It is important to us to provide a friendly and comfortable environment to everyone who visit us. We are always improving and adding new services to our menu for a perfect experience. Beside the always-vibrant hair section in our spa area we provide wide ranges of beauty, facial, aesthetics and body treatments, a variety of massages, and even can provide a private room for those would like to get their hair done with absolute relaxation. We are exactly at Queensgate road what give us the beautiful view of the high-class architecture, and we also try to combine the modern life’s requirements with the classical beauty of the neighbourhood in our salon as well.

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To be able to create someone’s style it is not enough to listen, but we need to understand as well and create harmony

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Let us introduce our Specialists. We are like a happy family and share our talent and skills to bring out the maximum from all of us.

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Thermo schissors

We aim to be up to date, and freshen up with providing new services. Please look around what we offer.

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